DataSHIELD Conference 2024

September 24-26

Bonn, Germany

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The 2024 DataSHIELD Conference will take place at the Center for Mathematics of the University of Bonn from Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th September 2024. The programme will include a mix of talks, demonstrations and discussion sessions related to the development and use of the DataSHIELD software.

This conference is suitable for anyone interested in using or applying the DataSHIELD software. In particular:

  • those that are unfamiliar with DataSHIELD, or that may have a new application for DataSHIELD,
  • current users and applications of DataSHIELD,
  • those developing new statistical methodology, functionality or infrastructure for DataSHIELD.

We are looking forward to contributions covering a comprehensive array of topics, including but not limited to

  • DataSHIELD application areas, spanning epidemiology, oncology, radiology, immunology, and beyond,
  • the use of DataSHIELD in global settings
  • advancing privacy in data analysis,
  • differential privacy and secure encryption advancements,
  • federated machine learning,
  • federated mathematical/computational modelling.

DataSHIELD Workshop

We are also hosting two optional training workshops: One for DataSHIELD beginners and one for DataSHIELD advanced users on introducing how to develop new DataSHIELD packages.

Both workshops will take place at the Center for Mathematics of the University of Bonn as well: The DataSHIELD Beginners' Workshop on September 24 from 9:00-12:00 - right before the start of the conference, and the Advanced Users' Workshop on September 26 from 14:00-17:00 - just after the conference.

Registration fees

Conference registration (incl. Welcome Reception, Social Event & Conference Dinner):

300 €

Reduced fee for students and PhD students

200 €

Optional workshop

Both workshops

60 €

100 €

Reduced fee for students and PhD students

30 €50 €


Conference & workshop registration

July 31, 2024

Abstract submission

June 14, 2024

Contact & Organization

Dr. Christina Fricke

Endenicher Allee 64

53115 Bonn

Meike Busch-Auf der Mauer

Endenicher Allee 64

53115 Bonn

The DataSHIELD conference is supported by

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