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Course: Introduction to Systems Biology

Mathematical and computer-assisted modelling of biological systems is possible from the life sciences are now indispensable. Models enable e.g. to understand complex processes, to test hypotheses, to predict time courses and experiments. Applications range from basic research to from industrial applications to clinical practice.

This lecture will provide an introduction to basic concepts and modern methods of systems biology. In particular, we will deal with biochemical reaction networks and deal with the following topics:

  • Modelling of biochemical reaction networks (e.g. in signal transductions)
  • Analysis of model properties
  • Implementation and simulation of models in the computer
  • Adaptation of model parameters to experimental data

The lectures are complemented by hands-on exercises.

The course is part of the Bachelor’s program in Molecular Biomedicine.

Work load     2 SWS; 3 ECTS
Time             to be announced
Exam            oral


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